Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Yours Or Mine

The love that resides within each heart,
We seem to own it ourselves from the very start,
But if it is our love that thrives,
Why do we love doing things that the other person likes,
How do your habits and routine so easily change,
When even a small adjustment was so hard to arrange.
It is actually their love that lives within you,
Transforms your soul, making it fresh and new,
If you feel touched by someone's sufferings, it is their kindness,
If you stand firm for anything correct, it is their rightness,
That is why it's said that hearts get exchanged,
Or a part of you in me, forever gets arranged.

Friday, 24 March 2017


Each time I sit to write,
Open my diary and take out a sheet crisp white,
The mind wanders to the heart for direction,
The heart peeps into the soul for reflection,
Images begin to flash on the internal screen,
Mostly are moments of love beautiful and serene,
Sometimes the heart also remembers its griefs,
And occasionally the teachings of life, which have now become beliefs,
The mind now picks up a topic of its choice,
As the heart begins to recite it's unheard voice,
The heart mines itself till the time it is ready to bleed,
Only then does a poem become, worth a read.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Child & Lover

The beautiful feeling that love renders,
Is similar to a sweet newborn, cute and tender,
A glowing smile always keeps the face busy,
The world around you is happy and easy,
Silence is the language most commonly used,
If words are said, they are cheesy enough to get anyone amused,
An embrace is the place they find their best sleep,
With utmost comfort and warmth of the other heart to reap,
There is no worldly fear that seems to matter,
But tears cry hard when the heart shatters,
Nights are spent with eyes wide open,
Gazing at the roof and counting the memories woven,
A child and a lover also share the same heart,
Filled with innocence and selfless love from their part.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

My Father

The man I lived with for sixteen years,
The one who taught me to defeat all fears,
Never did I see anger on his face,
His raised voice was always a rumour at our place,
To send anybody empty handed, was not a tradition he pursued,
For getting a yes as an answer, it was not required to check his mood,
A radiant smile always made his face glow,
As if he had nothing else to show,
His blessings are the reason for all that I receive,
His demise is the truth, I still find hard to perceive,
His life was a bundle of joy to cherish,
The wisdom he gave me can never perish,
God came to this Earth to live as my father,
And since then, I am just trying to be one like him rather.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Face And Embrace

The heart sinks into the deep sea,
The body feels like broken into three,
The eyes seem to have lost their vision,
The skin looks inefficient to identify a collision.
It's said that when a beloved departs,
Takes away with them a piece of your heart,
That for sure I did lose,
But in return I got something else to choose,
I chose to keep all the moments of delight,
Each moment you were in my sight,
Every time we saw the sun, talking through the night,
Every instant we said so much in spite of being quite,
Each time I could embrace you tight.
The thing you are devoid off in an embrace,
Is the same as being in a different place,
And that is your beautiful smiling face.