Monday, 27 February 2017

Life In The Sky

Life is the sky we all see above,
Glazing with sunlight when it's hay,
And deep darkness around when there is nothing to say.
We all become stars as they say,
Where do we go then when there is day?
Is there some office we need to attend,
Or is it being invisible, that we ought to pretend.
Lightening for us is then like an earthquake,
Which shudders the sky and creates a ruckus,
Or are they the glitters of joy that define success,
Rainbow is like unfurling of the sky's flag,
Swaying freely in the wind and diminishing like a king,
Clouds are the different states that divide the sky,
Silently moving when there is peace but thundering when politics is on a high,
Life on the sky is not an imagination of a minute,
It is the idea of philosophers who have said that sky is the limit.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Each smile this face receives is your prayer coming true,
Every beautiful sight I watch is you turning new,
Each melodious song I hear is your memories flowing through,
Every poem I write is your love within me with words new,
Each gasping breath I took was followed by a breeze you blew,
Every pain of this heart was a riddle that only you knew,
Each moment of wait was hard to pass, but with you time just flew,
Every good habit you taught made me more human, before which I was like an animal in the zoo,
Each success I received was after your arrival, in spite of them being long due,
Every ray of sun that falls on me is God's blessing you drew,
Each warm hug you embrace me with is the best present after you,
With all the roses, chocolates, teddies, promises, kisses and hugs just for you,
All I wish to say this Valentine's with all my heart my love is that I LOVE YOU.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Journey Of Love

Whenever life makes me travel,
Some truths of the heart it unravels,
This journey that I set alone,
If I had a companion by my side,
Time surely would have fast flown,
The trees I see going away,
The breeze that blows along the way,
Maybe are indicators that I left something behind,
An item in the luggage of heart, I am unable to find.
The journey of life with a companion,
Is like the perfect scene of a canyon,
Where water finds its way through steep rocks,
Fearless of the mountains, proudly it walks,
The hills stand where they are meant to be,
But the stream continues its voyage of love with utmost glee.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Junction Of Hearts

Love is never a one sided affair,
It is the immersion of one heart into another,
Like the junction of two rivers,
Which are then inseparable and unidentifiable,
They overcome all hurdles with their unified strength,
Flowing seamless on their glorious journey,
Nurturing all the farms they cross,
Towing the burden that wishes to go across,
Enjoying their conversations with the sun,
Thoughts of departure in their minds are none,
As the sea arrives, they take their last breath,
With all the emotions swirling within, they embrace death.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Her Smell

The smell that God gifted you,
Was a prize won by very few,
The smell that blended with my soul,
The smell that ignited my heart like coal,
The smell I touched with my lips,
The smell I packed for all trips,
The smell that sometimes my clothes luckily wore,
The smell I wish in a bottle of perfume I could pour,
The smell that defeated every flower,
The smell that stayed with me even after a shower,
The smell I could sense from a distance,
The smell to which I have a low resistance,
The smell that makes me take the longest breath,
The smell, deprived of which I demand only death.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Pause

The moment we come close,
This life takes a brief pause,
The sun stops to view the magic before dusk,
The wind sways around us with the fragrance of musk,
The water on the shore becomes silent,
The birds refrain from showing their flying talent,
The moon agrees to wait for going on stage,
The barking dogs readily go into their cage,
Life gives us a moment to savour for years,
As I take your hair back to the ears,
We embrace each other tight like there is no going,
And feel the love within intensely growing,
The nature smiles on the beautiful picture it draws,
Because life is in this very pause.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Voice Of Love

Laying awake at night on my bed,
I hear the voice of my nightingale sing,
The sweetest and most melodious voice,
Which has given me the calmest sleep a hundred times,
The voice that reaches the soul through the ears,
Each word sounds like a hymn for the almighty,
Light like a drop of dew that vanishes into the air,
Fragrant like a perfume which stays there,
Sweet like chocolate that makes your senses melt,
The voice that echoes in my heart forever,
The voice that makes me strong for every tough endeavor,
The voice that soothes every hurt and pain,
Is the voice of my love, too beautiful to contain.