Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Silent Words

Silence stands strong today compressing a thousand words,
Words which have been lost,
Words which have faded,
Words which have run down a steep slope,
Words that just you and me understood.
They could replace stress with smile after a hard day,
Put a pause to tears in a second,
Were enough to evoke fire without any action.
Words of love can never die,
Specially those that found a tongue,
They safely lie amidst the deep corners in the heart of the listener,
Grow and flourish each time they hit the mind,
Build beautiful bridges running over each hurdle,
But now with two souls trapped under,
They lie scattered like a debris,
Separated from their owners,
Without any entity, meaning or heart.
The words that I pen,
Are nowhere similar to those,
But I guess, the purpose is the same.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother's Day

I am an inseparable part of you, my mother,
Because you have given numerous parts of your life to me.
You gave me a part of your womb to grow and nurture for nine months,
You gave a part of your food to feed an unborn soul,
You gave a part of your hand to bite when I cried in your lap,
You gave a part of your chest so I could afford a heavenly sleep,
You gave a part of your finger so I could fearlessly walk the world,
You gave a part of your breath to get the sweat off my forehead,
You gave a part of your eyesight to sew my broken buttons,
You gave a part of savings to pay for my school trip,
You gave a part of your sleep by staying awake with me during exams,
You gave your part of my favorite dish after I quickly finished mine,
You gave a part of your teachings to make me a better human being,
You gave a part of your tears when you saw me crying,
You gave a part of your luck by praying for me each morning,
You have and will always give a part of everything till you are left with nothing.
No paper is big enough to summarize your dedication,
But there's something left to say without any hesitation,
You gave your sun and moon to make my earth heaven.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Test Of Life

Life took my test at each turn,
Without practice or revision, or the option to skip,
I was ordered to give each examination,
The result being withheld each time.
An exam was even given at the cost of a life,
Instead of pen and paper, given were a stack of responsibilities,
Instead of an exam hall, was made to sit in an office,
Instead of the exam, to be written were the books of accounts,
Instead of the writing time, what had passed was my father.
After finishing we think,
We might have written that better,
We should have explained that one thing too,
We could have solved it in a different manner,
I too get the same thoughts,
Each day, when I try to connect the missing dots.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Javed Akhtar

An individual of not some but many words,
Who took out arrows from his quiver,
Brought out the lava from his heart,
Like an ocean would give out pearls from its womb.
You questioned the world about the basic elements,
And later answered with utmost poise.
Made the nature even more heavenly,
Showed the path of hope to the fallen,
The track of reality to the lover,
The real passage of a teardrop,
The actual journey of a pawn.
The sun could have given more light,
The tree more shade,
The cloud more rain,
But all that you have given us in this life sir,
We could not have asked for more, no matter how greedy we were.
Always raising your voice for the correct,
You stood fearlessly for the fearless,
Never did you take a foot back,
Still filled with zeal, going rock strong on the same track.
Your words are nothing but your real name,
Through which you rule a billion hearts,
Becoming an individual, larger than any frame.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Broken Halves

I have been broken into two parts,
And these halves cannot do anything by themselves.
If one is watch, the other is its hands,
If one is fish, the other is water,
If one is life, the other is love.
They thought they were one from inception till eternity,
But now the rich days have gone, and what exist are the days of poverty.
The heart has not been fed with love,
The body is dirty without a shower of touch,
The eyes have gone dark waiting for the beloved treasure.
The two parts still crave to be one,
Like the uphill and downhill water of a waterfall,
Ready to dive from any heights,
Ready to bear all the pain and agony,
Just to blend in each other so deep,
Just to be one so similar,
That nobody can ever differentiate,
Which was the one part,
Which was the other part.

A Search

How is it that I find you everywhere,
Your smile in the giggle of a six month old,
Your smell in the conclave of mud and water,
Your voice in the murmuring of leaves,
Your touch in the accidental slide of a feather,
Your care in the husband holding his pregnant wife's hand,
Your love in the mother breast feeding her baby,
Your labor in a cart puller drenching in sweat in the scorching sun,
Your dedication in a college girl trying to set the rubik cube right,
Your politeness in a sea without waves,
Your craziness in a toddler trying to walk without any support.
I see all of this,
All around me,
Each day,
Except for you.