Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tribute To Nepal

The mountaineer was on its verge to reach the next camp,
The children were waiting for Sunday to play on the ramp,
Suddenly, someone at home heard the shudder of the shaking lamp.
Something is wrong, they thought,
Fears and shivers in them, the tremble brought,
Hiding and waiting for the earth to stand still, they fought.
Mother nature today, had not shown any graces,
There were heaps of debris and dust, and a thousand crying faces,
The country which was known for its beauty, right now has no such places.
A family vacation had ended with a freak,
Apart from snow, there were now bodies lying on the peak,
Under the wreckage are thousands more, who can now never sneak,
What we also lost were the four legged beauties, who could never speak.
Its our time to help them stand again,
Provide them with love, shelter, medicines and grain,
Make them comfortable even in utmost pain,
Till their lives start to blossom, clearing away the ruined plain.
The Gorkhas will stand strong again, like its longest peak,
Welcoming the world to their motherland, beautiful and sleek.

Baseless Business

Love can never be defined,
But for me you gave it a meaning.
I work all day to earn,
But it is just for you that I yearn.
The twelve hours of work give me no pleasure,
Feels like digging out coal from the mines like a sledger,
With intense grief in my heart that nobody can measure,
Left with no greed to find any precious metal or treasure.
I don't like the process anymore nor the money,
Like the bee who doesn't have an intention to extract honey.
I get no enthusiasm in signing a new deal,
God gave me this life just for you I feel,
No amount of money can ever make my heartache heal.
For whom should I earn or save the cash,
When you'll never be mine, till I turn ash,
In school I had decided, your name would be written, after mine in the dash.
The office doesn't seem to be my world anymore,
More than the papers, my eyes all the time stare the floor,
My body hurts all day, from heart to core,
But gathering and binding myself up, waiting for you, I stand firmly at the fore.
This is just the beginning part,
I'll write till I empty my heart.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tears Of Absence

Love can never be defined,
But for me you gave it a meaning.
The tears to me that your absence brings,
When the stupid heart in my body shrinks,
The moments spent with you I surpass,
Now lie scattered all around, like a broken vase.
The tears come and go all day,
The nights have even less to say.
The darkness of the sky slits my soul,
I never liked anything dark, except your mole.
Only your presence could have made the nights brighter,
But now what I possess are the tears of absence and a cigarette lighter.
The tears bring me to a path of solitude,
What exists here is only pain and grief,
The path leads to no destination,
Only thing that could get me out was your fascination,
But you are nowhere here to be seen,
As I become what I have never been.
This is just the beginning part,
I'll write till I empty my heart.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sea Without Waves

Love can never be defined,
But for me you gave it a meaning.
The life I lead without you,
Is like a sea without waves,
The water just doesn't want to reach the shore,
Laying dead and still in its place,
Just wishes to find a place, much below the deep sea base.
The rain also arrives anytime,
Feels like bullets piercing through the spine,
Increasing my level, which I want to descend,
It was just you that I wanted to grow in me,
And if it is not you,
I request the sun to shine strong and prepare some dew.
There is acute silence all around,
Some big ships come and slit me up, and carry forward their journey outbound.
I live for the fact that I have so much within,
But I also bear all the stones thrown at me,
One hit my heart and it broke,
From that day, within myself i choke.
This is just the beginning part,
I'll write till I empty my heart.