Tuesday, 16 May 2017


I feel so lonely,
To the extent of being in an exile,
This world seems like a turmoil,
Love being ejected from its roots and soil,
Or is it just my life I wonder,
That has no rains but thunder,
I discover something new in the roof each night,
Shamelessly looking at it with lights shining bright,
The fan looks like the paper windmill,
Which we gazed for hours in childhood, for time to kill,
The tick of the clock sounds like a roar,
As the heart fails to hear the vows you swore,
I slept like a baby hearing your voice,
But now these sleepless nights have no choice,
As I gaze at the roof, living your memories to rejoice.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mother's Day

The tension taker,
The peace maker,
The crying machine,
Ambassador of mission clean,
The smartphone enthusiast,
Storyteller of the past,
The kitty party goer,
The terrace garden grower,
The colour matching agent,
The God worshipping patient,
The daily soap fan,
Newsroom of the clan,
The money saving manager,
The stressed out passenger,
The dry fruit supplier,
The sale shopping buyer,
Knows to love like no other,
Is also the world's best mother.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Best Friend

For whom each word in this life is penned,
Is the love of my life and also my best friend,
The friend who taught me to love myself,
The one who always placed me above herself,
With whom I cracked​ the silliest of jokes,
And loved being called one of the idiotic folks,
The friend with whom I played like a child,
And my making funny faces, she always made sure that I smiled,
With whom I shared the memories of my father,
And who more often than not, acted like my mother,
The one who always made me reach the shore,
Whenever my lonely boat was stuck in the sea roar,
The friend has now hung her boots,
And the friendship lies scattered and unearthed from its roots.