Saturday, 29 August 2015

Yeh Jeevan Hai

Yeh zindagi kabhi ek phoolon ka baag hai,
Kabhi kisi ke sapno ko jhulsaati huyi aag hai,
Kabhi kisi ke dil mein bajta pyaar ka madhur raag hai,
Yeh humein sikha jaati hai kayi anokhi kahaniyan,
Kabhi cheen leti hai to kabhi wapas de jaati hai jawaniyan.

Bachpan iski di huyi ek anuthi saugaat hai,
Aur maa ki mamta humare sar par rakhe ishwar ke hi haath hain.

Pyaar jeevan ka diya sabse bada inaam hai,
Jise na mil paya uska jeevan sabse aam hai,
Lekin jiska ishwar manzoor kar deta hai pyaar,
Uske liye khul jaate hain jaise swarg ke dwaar,
Wo jeevan ke saare sach samajh sakta hai,
Kyuki pyaar se har mushkil ka hal nikal sakta hai,
Zindagi ki har raah aasaan ho jaati hai,
Kyuki pyaar se har insaan ki pukhta pehchan ho jaati hai.

Humara yeh na samajh paana hi humari khala hai,
Ki dhoop mein tapana to jeevan ki ek kala hai,
Kyuki tap kar hi to matke gulzaar hote hain,
Warna chaon mein to lakhon mitti ke pahad hote hain.

Hum iski har seekh ko sitam samajh kar na kehte hain,
Magar is jeevan par mar mitne ko hi to jeena kehte hain.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Life Lesson

We live a life, oblivious of what is life,
It's been taught life goes a full circle,
But we always ought to make it vertical.

While turning the pages of my life I observed,
The first page was written by my mother, not me,
Filled with love and gratitude for the Almighty as she was reborn by my birth,
And with the tales of warmth bestowed on me.

The next page was quite hard to read,
As I had just learnt to write,
But happiness and joy were all one could derive from the pencil shades,
Holding my father's hand, I was beginning to see the world.

As I turn the next page,
Things were given more importance than emotions,
As I got fascinated by the possession of others,
Forgetting the most precious possession, my parents and their unconditional love.

Rest all the pages perceive almost the same emotions,
As we thereby start living a life,
Without the biggest feeling called love,
Only driven by the hunger of success and wealth,
Without being grateful to anyone,
Crushing all those who come in our way,
Miles away from happiness,
Stressed by the targets and results,
Finding joy in luxuries and pleasures,
That usually fades away in seconds.

Why do we humans forget?
Life is only about thanking what we have,
Not about thinking what we don't.

Saturday, 15 August 2015


My phone kept at a distance, rings an alarm,
Getting up from the couch, I put it off,
And wake up similarly each morning before dawn.
Gazing at the sky I see,
The moon prepares to wind up after a long show,
With the sparkling stars gathered as audiences,
Looking mesmerized by the glowing beauty of the moon.

They go to sleep now as the world awakes,
Making way for the sun to rule its realm,
The newspaper vendors start aiming at the houses again,
As chickens wake up those sleeping without an alarm,
Couples break their hug with a good morning kiss,
Children blinking and rubbing their eyes, believing unfortunately for them that its morning,
The elderly get ready to spend sometime with the Almighty.

Everybody does their morning rituals,
Like a robot being given specific commands,
None gazing at the sky to find the lost moon,
None worried about the white bulbs or stars of the universe,
Or anyone being grateful to the sun for being so punctual effortlessly.

We forget that its us who follow them, not they,
A change in their schedule marks a change in ours too,
The soothing light of the moon only makes things appear more beautiful that ever,
Our bond with the sun teaches a new lesson each day.
And all they demand in return is some gratitude.

The moon has started its show again for its gleaming audience,
As I keep the phone at a distance and take the couch,
To wake up for the opponent's show,
And to experience, live and thank the twilight yet again.