Friday, 10 November 2017

Mujh Sarika

Kadam jab har pal chale jaanib-e-yaar,
Tab dil ko bhi kahan aata hai karar,
Har samt ab uska hi saya hai,
Hawa mein jaise ghul jaati har kaya hai,
Par jaanta hai dil ki yeh saya hakikat nahi hai,
Yeh ishq shayad aaj bhi mukammal nahi hai,
Kabhi aag ki chadar hai, kabhi kaanch ka raasta,
Humne sada dard se mehfuz rakha hai, ishq mein apna vaasta,
Ab ek chor par main hun, dusre chor pe khuda,
Tune mohabbat se kiya, main tujhse ho gaya judaa,
Dosti ka aaj bhi ek hi tarika hai,
Mila de usse jo mujhse zyada, mujh sarika hai.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Soch jahan pichad gayi, zindagi wahan ujad gayi,
Chale the jis raah pe, woh manzil se hi bichad gayi,
Daayron mein jo simat gayi, zindagi wahan theher gayi,
Jab hawa ko kuch pal roka, ban sailab barsa ke keher gayi,
Bhakti mein jo lag gayi, zindagi wahan jhuk gayi,
Sab darr tyag kar maan liya jo khud ko apna bhagwaan, de kar woh hazaar sukh gayi,
Ghadi ki suiyon ke piche jo daudi, zindagi wahan tham gayi,
Apni marzi se aaye nahi, apni marzi se jee to le, kya yeh bhi kam nahi,
Paison ke piche jo bhaga, zindagi wahan sharm gayi,
Apni soch kar zindagi guzaar do, kya daulat de kar tujhe yahi karm gayi,
Khud ko dekha jab aaine mein, to zindagi jaise bikhar gayi,
Kaanch to abhi bhi thos tha, par mere bhitar ki dararein nikhar gayi.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Tere Liye

Ek haath ka faasla tha, haath milane ke liye,
Tune do kadam aur piche le liye, har vasl mitane ke liye,
Lamhe kuch nadaan the, bohot kuch samjhane ke liye,
Tera achanak chale jaana kaafi tha, unhe mohabbat sikhane ke liye,
Ek pyala kaafi lagta tha, har gham mitane ke liye,
Aaj maikhana bhi itrata hai, mera saath nibhane ke liye,
Duniya kehti hai dil mein dard chahiye kuch likhne ke liye,
Maine to qasiide padh daale teri raah mein bichne ke liye,
Ek samay tha, jab waqt tha daud lagane ke liye,
Ab to suiyan bhi itrati hai, ek kadam badhane ke liye,
Kagaz ki kashti to banti hai doob jaane ke liye,
Humein to kisi ne paani me dhakel diya, khud ko paar lagane ke liye,
Paani se beh gaye, kuch tu kuch main jiske liye,
Wo ishq kya thi khata kuch mere liye kuch tere liye.

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Harf dar harf ek kahani tujhe sunani hai,
Kisi ke khwabon mein lipti yeh daastaan purani hai,
Yeh meri nahi, lamhon ke muntazar kuch lamhon ki zubani hai,
Kisi ke vaadon mein uljhi,
Kisi ke suraj mein phigli,
Kisi ke pairon mein kuchli,
Kisi ke haathon se phisli,
Is daastaan ko shayad ruhaniyat naseeb na thi,
Chahe jaisa hota anjaam, mujhe aarzo-e-rakeeb na thi,
Ek nao jaise bina maanjhi ke thi,
Ek shajar ki sukhi shakhaein jaise bina aandhi ke thi,
Vasl ki raat jo laaye, aisi har shaam begaani thi,
Is raja ki siyasat bhi bina apni rani ke thi,
Aur kahani tujhe kya sunau, jab koi kahani hi na thi.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


I feel so lonely,
To the extent of being in an exile,
This world seems like a turmoil,
Love being ejected from its roots and soil,
Or is it just my life I wonder,
That has no rains but thunder,
I discover something new in the roof each night,
Shamelessly looking at it with lights shining bright,
The fan looks like the paper windmill,
Which we gazed for hours in childhood, for time to kill,
The tick of the clock sounds like a roar,
As the heart fails to hear the vows you swore,
I slept like a baby hearing your voice,
But now these sleepless nights have no choice,
As I gaze at the roof, living your memories to rejoice.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mother's Day

The tension taker,
The peace maker,
The crying machine,
Ambassador of mission clean,
The smartphone enthusiast,
Storyteller of the past,
The kitty party goer,
The terrace garden grower,
The colour matching agent,
The God worshipping patient,
The daily soap fan,
Newsroom of the clan,
The money saving manager,
The stressed out passenger,
The dry fruit supplier,
The sale shopping buyer,
Knows to love like no other,
Is also the world's best mother.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Best Friend

For whom each word in this life is penned,
Is the love of my life and also my best friend,
The friend who taught me to love myself,
The one who always placed me above herself,
With whom I cracked​ the silliest of jokes,
And loved being called one of the idiotic folks,
The friend with whom I played like a child,
And my making funny faces, she always made sure that I smiled,
With whom I shared the memories of my father,
And who more often than not, acted like my mother,
The one who always made me reach the shore,
Whenever my lonely boat was stuck in the sea roar,
The friend has now hung her boots,
And the friendship lies scattered and unearthed from its roots.

Thursday, 27 April 2017


Yeh jo toote rishton ka gehra zakham hai,
Yeh tera karam hai ya mera karam hai,
Jo mana maine khud ko tera mehram hai,
Yeh mera dharam hai ya tera dharam hai,
Jo teri yaadon ka surkh marham hai,
Yeh tera vehem hai ya mera vehem hai,
Jo in fati ungliyon ki darkaar hai,
Woh mera adhikaar hai ya tera adhikaar hai,
Jo mere kaano mein gunjti teri hasi ki aawaaz hai,
Yeh meri namaaz hai ya teri namaaz hai,
Karvatein badalti aur siskiyan leti jo yeh gehri raat hai,
Kya yahi tere aur mere pyaar ki aukaat hai,
Jo in haathon ki nafzon se dil tak ka raasta hai,
Kya usse bhi maheen tera mujhse raabta hai?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Ek Shaks

Jahan main dekhun wahan bas tera hi aks hai,
Us gehre aks mein khojta tujhe ek shaks hai,
Ek shaks jo tujhse bohot pyaar karta hai,
Jiska dil bas tere deedar se hi bharta hai,
Teri yaad mein yeh dil khaali ho jaata hai,
Par teri ek muskaan se khile bagh ka maali ho jaata hai,
Teri har guzarish ye ab pehle se zyada maanta hai,
Bas waise hi jeena chahta hai, jaise tu usko jaanta hai,
Kabhi palkhein bhi chil jaati hain khare paani se,
Par yeh zindagi aaj bhi gulzar hai teri meri kahani se,
Raat ki karvatein, kamar aur aankh dono ko dard deti hai,
Lekin sab bhool jaata hai yeh sharir, jab ek jhapki bhi tera darsh deti hai,
Sapne mein bhi haathon ke aangan mein tujhe bharne ko jee chahta hai,
Main kin shabdon mein bayan karun wo chain, jo mujhe tab aata hai,
Aaj bhi dil mein kaabiz hai har wo khushi,  jo maine tujhse payi hai,
Tune chand, tara, nadi, parvat ban kar, meri yeh srishti jannat banai hai.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


Why do people want us to change?
Why do the things we like to pursue, to some people look strange?
When we do what we feel is right,
And our loved ones don't share the same sight,
They say we have broken their trust,
Is the definition of trust, doing things which they feel right is a must?
No, trust means to believe in the ability of someone,
To give them your hand of support, when they have none,
There is no definition of right to which two people agree,
All you need to do is trust the person and set them free,
Let them live the life they wish to,
Be it falling in love or being part of an aircrew,
Because the ones who are free to pursue their dreams,
Are the only ones who can reach the extremes.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Yours Or Mine

The love that resides within each heart,
We seem to own it ourselves from the very start,
But if it is our love that thrives,
Why do we love doing things that the other person likes,
How do your habits and routine so easily change,
When even a small adjustment was so hard to arrange.
It is actually their love that lives within you,
Transforms your soul, making it fresh and new,
If you feel touched by someone's sufferings, it is their kindness,
If you stand firm for anything correct, it is their rightness,
That is why it's said that hearts get exchanged,
Or a part of you in me, forever gets arranged.

Friday, 24 March 2017


Each time I sit to write,
Open my diary and take out a sheet crisp white,
The mind wanders to the heart for direction,
The heart peeps into the soul for reflection,
Images begin to flash on the internal screen,
Mostly are moments of love beautiful and serene,
Sometimes the heart also remembers its griefs,
And occasionally the teachings of life, which have now become beliefs,
The mind now picks up a topic of its choice,
As the heart begins to recite it's unheard voice,
The heart mines itself till the time it is ready to bleed,
Only then does a poem become, worth a read.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Child & Lover

The beautiful feeling that love renders,
Is similar to a sweet newborn, cute and tender,
A glowing smile always keeps the face busy,
The world around you is happy and easy,
Silence is the language most commonly used,
If words are said, they are cheesy enough to get anyone amused,
An embrace is the place they find their best sleep,
With utmost comfort and warmth of the other heart to reap,
There is no worldly fear that seems to matter,
But tears cry hard when the heart shatters,
Nights are spent with eyes wide open,
Gazing at the roof and counting the memories woven,
A child and a lover also share the same heart,
Filled with innocence and selfless love from their part.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

My Father

The man I lived with for sixteen years,
The one who taught me to defeat all fears,
Never did I see anger on his face,
His raised voice was always a rumour at our place,
To send anybody empty handed, was not a tradition he pursued,
For getting a yes as an answer, it was not required to check his mood,
A radiant smile always made his face glow,
As if he had nothing else to show,
His blessings are the reason for all that I receive,
His demise is the truth, I still find hard to perceive,
His life was a bundle of joy to cherish,
The wisdom he gave me can never perish,
God came to this Earth to live as my father,
And since then, I am just trying to be one like him rather.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Face And Embrace

The heart sinks into the deep sea,
The body feels like broken into three,
The eyes seem to have lost their vision,
The skin looks inefficient to identify a collision.
It's said that when a beloved departs,
Takes away with them a piece of your heart,
That for sure I did lose,
But in return I got something else to choose,
I chose to keep all the moments of delight,
Each moment you were in my sight,
Every time we saw the sun, talking through the night,
Every instant we said so much in spite of being quite,
Each time I could embrace you tight.
The thing you are devoid off in an embrace,
Is the same as being in a different place,
And that is your beautiful smiling face.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Life In The Sky

Life is the sky we all see above,
Glazing with sunlight when it's hay,
And deep darkness around when there is nothing to say.
We all become stars as they say,
Where do we go then when there is day?
Is there some office we need to attend,
Or is it being invisible, that we ought to pretend.
Lightening for us is then like an earthquake,
Which shudders the sky and creates a ruckus,
Or are they the glitters of joy that define success,
Rainbow is like unfurling of the sky's flag,
Swaying freely in the wind and diminishing like a king,
Clouds are the different states that divide the sky,
Silently moving when there is peace but thundering when politics is on a high,
Life on the sky is not an imagination of a minute,
It is the idea of philosophers who have said that sky is the limit.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Each smile this face receives is your prayer coming true,
Every beautiful sight I watch is you turning new,
Each melodious song I hear is your memories flowing through,
Every poem I write is your love within me with words new,
Each gasping breath I took was followed by a breeze you blew,
Every pain of this heart was a riddle that only you knew,
Each moment of wait was hard to pass, but with you time just flew,
Every good habit you taught made me more human, before which I was like an animal in the zoo,
Each success I received was after your arrival, in spite of them being long due,
Every ray of sun that falls on me is God's blessing you drew,
Each warm hug you embrace me with is the best present after you,
With all the roses, chocolates, teddies, promises, kisses and hugs just for you,
All I wish to say this Valentine's with all my heart my love is that I LOVE YOU.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Journey Of Love

Whenever life makes me travel,
Some truths of the heart it unravels,
This journey that I set alone,
If I had a companion by my side,
Time surely would have fast flown,
The trees I see going away,
The breeze that blows along the way,
Maybe are indicators that I left something behind,
An item in the luggage of heart, I am unable to find.
The journey of life with a companion,
Is like the perfect scene of a canyon,
Where water finds its way through steep rocks,
Fearless of the mountains, proudly it walks,
The hills stand where they are meant to be,
But the stream continues its voyage of love with utmost glee.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Junction Of Hearts

Love is never a one sided affair,
It is the immersion of one heart into another,
Like the junction of two rivers,
Which are then inseparable and unidentifiable,
They overcome all hurdles with their unified strength,
Flowing seamless on their glorious journey,
Nurturing all the farms they cross,
Towing the burden that wishes to go across,
Enjoying their conversations with the sun,
Thoughts of departure in their minds are none,
As the sea arrives, they take their last breath,
With all the emotions swirling within, they embrace death.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Her Smell

The smell that God gifted you,
Was a prize won by very few,
The smell that blended with my soul,
The smell that ignited my heart like coal,
The smell I touched with my lips,
The smell I packed for all trips,
The smell that sometimes my clothes luckily wore,
The smell I wish in a bottle of perfume I could pour,
The smell that defeated every flower,
The smell that stayed with me even after a shower,
The smell I could sense from a distance,
The smell to which I have a low resistance,
The smell that makes me take the longest breath,
The smell, deprived of which I demand only death.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Pause

The moment we come close,
This life takes a brief pause,
The sun stops to view the magic before dusk,
The wind sways around us with the fragrance of musk,
The water on the shore becomes silent,
The birds refrain from showing their flying talent,
The moon agrees to wait for going on stage,
The barking dogs readily go into their cage,
Life gives us a moment to savour for years,
As I take your hair back to the ears,
We embrace each other tight like there is no going,
And feel the love within intensely growing,
The nature smiles on the beautiful picture it draws,
Because life is in this very pause.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Voice Of Love

Laying awake at night on my bed,
I hear the voice of my nightingale sing,
The sweetest and most melodious voice,
Which has given me the calmest sleep a hundred times,
The voice that reaches the soul through the ears,
Each word sounds like a hymn for the almighty,
Light like a drop of dew that vanishes into the air,
Fragrant like a perfume which stays there,
Sweet like chocolate that makes your senses melt,
The voice that echoes in my heart forever,
The voice that makes me strong for every tough endeavor,
The voice that soothes every hurt and pain,
Is the voice of my love, too beautiful to contain.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sweet Love

You are the one who sleeps with me,
The one who weeps with me,
The only reason I live,
To whom this life I give,
With me you have lived half this life,
And the remaining will be as my wife,
The happiness you give to this soul,
Is far beyond of the universe as a whole,
The steps we take holding hands,
Are the stepping blocks to the fairy lands,
The calmness you give to this troubled heart,
Is like the silence of the runner before the dart,
You will always be my best friend,
Because conversations with you never wish to end,
Each time I get to relax on your lap,
Afternoons and evenings pass by in a snap,
Come let's live together the same way,
In the house of love forever to stay.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tears Of Joy

When a mother holds her baby for the first time,
When the mountaineer finishes his climb,
When you see your beloved after a long while,
When you receive your first job's appointment file,
When a lover proposes for marriage,
When you are amazed by a disabled man's courage,
When you achieve your life's biggest success,
A tear rolls down your eyes,
It's the joy of the soul touching the skies,
A fountain of feeling finds its way through the heart,
From the heart towards the eyes it takes a start,
The face has a wide grin in its anticipation,
The eyes gleam to enlighten the situation,
The feelings finally arrive engulfed in a tear,
The smile accompanies it like the most perfect pair,
It is this alliance for which the heart yearns,
And the feeling of love with which it always returns.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Vows Of The Heart

When the flight of life hits a turbulent cloud,
When the feeling of lonliness strikes in a crowd,
When the longings of the heart shout out loud,
We need to look back at the promises we vowed.
The commitments we made from our heart,
The words that came out without the mind taking a part,
Be it with ourselves or to someone beloved,
Are the only words that can take you back above.
The statement which comes from the soul,
Is what always defines your true role,
It is the calling of the universe,
Which will always take you out of the worse.
Take a back seat and remember those vows,
Recollect all those words and be delighted by the confidence they arouse,
A radiant life is lived by following the voice of the heart,
Because it is the heart, not the mind, which is the soul of every art.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

You And Me

When I embrace you in my arms,
You and me are shielded from all harms,
The world stops to view the spectacle of fusion,
What may seem deceptive to others is no illusion,
Our closed eyes live the moment within,
And from the subconscious comes to our face, a wide grin,
The rush of love brings goosebumps on the skin,
The body certifying that this person is a kin,
The hands resist to leave the fold,
Eyes now open are glittering like gold,
We look into each other with profound amazement,
Our hearts have now found a home, which were till now vagrant,
I drop a sweet breath on your neck,
And present your pink cheeks a cute peck,
Swiftly you grasp me in your serenity,
As you and me start the voyage to our new identity.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Fears Of The Heart

Fears which surround our heart,
Are nails planted to tear it apart,
The steps that we defy to take,
The decisions that we resist to make,
The dreams which we  delay to chase,
The confidence which we refuse to raise,
The job that we refuse to quit,
The passion which has been reduced to a bit,
Are all fears within us well knit.
Life is meant to be lived free,
Untied of all shackles on an independent spree,
Walk along readily on the path of the heart,
It is this road that leads to your destiny,
And makes you discover your true identity,
This is where your true happiness lies,
Where the spirits of your soul rise,
That's the point where all the fear within you dies.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Amar Prem

Jo tere saath beeta ek dashak,
Wo zindagi ka hissa nahi zindagi hi thi,
Jo tere aur mere dil mein thi kasak,
Wo gham ka kissa nahi bandgi hi thi,
Jo tune thama tha mera haath,
Mere liye ishwar ka saaya tha tera saath,
Jo tune pehli baar dil se liya tha mera naam,
Us din se meri pehchan nahi reh gayi thi aam,
Teri har ek ada mujhe madhosh kar gayi,
Tere chehre ki wo chamak mujhe behosh kar gayi,
Teri parchai jo mujh par padi,
Meri zindagi ki dasha badal gayi,
Maine thama jo tera aanchal,
Meri dubti huyi kashti sambhal gayi,
Aaj is dil ke har kone mein tera ghar hai,
Main to mar jaunga kal, lekin mera pyaar amar hai.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Meri Duniya

Teri saans ki aahat jo mujhe mili,
Tujhe pa ke yeh duniya meri khili,
Teri god mein sar chiphaye jo shaamein dhali,
Mere upar se duniya ki saari buri balaein tali,
Teri dabi aawaz mein suna jo ek madhur geet,
Un lafzon ko gungunate bhula di duniya ki har reet,
Tere haath par ungli se jo likhe the alfaaz,
Wo humare pyaar ki dastaan thi, jis par poori duniya ko hai naaz,
Tere aagosh mein guzri jo har shaam,
Duniya ki har khushi kar di tune mere naam,
Tere dil ki dhadkan jo suni thi pehli baar,
Ehsaas hua yeh meri hai, jab se dhadki thi duniya mein pehli baar,
Ho gaya hai tujhse pyaar, jab yeh jaana tha,
Usi din se mera mukaam, duniya mein bas tujhe paana tha.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Bheege Naina

Jo aankhen tere saath har khwab dekhti thi,
Tere saath dophar ki dhoop sekti thi,
Neend se mohlat le kar tere saath jaagti thi,
Har pal bas tera hi deedar maangti thi,
Jo naina tere saath kayi khel khelte the,
Tere chehre ka har gham jhelte the,
Jo teri khubsurti dekh kar khil uthte the,
Aur teri muskaan par dil de baithte the,
Aaj aasmaan ko taakte rehte hain wahi naina,
Khidkiyon se jhaankte rehte hain wahi naina,
Aansuon se bheeg kar ro jaate hain wahi naina,
Jalan se thak kar so jaate hain wahi naina,
Meri palkhon ka bistar the tere naina,
Aaj patharon par raat kaat te hai yeh naina,
Kal tak bas ujala hi tha meri palkhon ke aage,
Aaj raat se andhera chaant te hain yeh naina.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Kapil Sharma

Shuruat ki thi aapne ek pratiyogita jeet,
Tabhi se bana liya tha sabko apna meet,
Phir kabhi aapne peeche mud kar nahi dekha,
Laanghte chale gaye aap har jeet ki rekha,
Navjot sir ka saath aapne kabhi nahi choda,
Wahi to hain is maharana ka chetak ghoda,
Aag bhi aapke mansubon ko pighla na saki,
Kisi se mili thokar bhi aapko hila na saki,
Jab log sochne lage the ki aap kahan gaye hain kho,
Aap le kar aa gaye the Kapil Sharma show,
Na jaane kitne marizon ko aapne behtar kar diya,
Aur hasi ke shehenshah ka khitab apne naam kar liya,
Aaj is desh mein har jagah bas aapke hi charche hain,
Aapke tax se hi to chalte sarkar ke kharche hain,
Insaanon ko khushi di aapne aur jaanwaro ko pyaar diya,
Mere dil ke kai ghamo ko bhi aapne hi khushiyon se siya.

Saturday, 14 January 2017


Is lamhe mein hi chipi saari zindagi hai,
Jo aaj kara de tumhe pyaar ka ehsaas, wahi bandgi hai,
Na kal tha aur na kal hoga,
Is pal mein hi jeevan hi har khushi hai.

Aaj ek khwab apni aankhon mein basa lo,
Ek vishwas apni ragon mein bhar lo,
Kisi takraye ajnabi se chaar baatein kar lo,
Aaj ek jaanwar ko thoda sa pyaar kar lo,
Suraj se pehle uth kar keh do ki hum zinda hain,
Khilkhilate chehre se bata do ki humare gham chuninda hain,
Jhoom ke naach utho aaj apni masti mein,
Bohot hunar chupa hai teri is hasti mein,
Jo junoon hai tere dil ka, wahi is manzar ka mukam hoga,
Apni chahat ko ibadat bana le, phir tu hi shehenshah-e-aam hoga.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Humara Safar

Tera saath aur humara safar,
Hai isse khubsurat aur kuch nahi mere humsafar,
Mere dil ki sahi banawat jaanti hai tu,
Use sada se apna hi to maanti hai tu,
Kisi hakim ki tarah mere sharir ki har hulchul pehchan leti hai tu,
Aur har mushkil mein khud ko mera hakim hi maan leti hai tu,
Tere saath beeta har pal aaj bhi zinda hai,
Tere pass na reh saka, aise pal hi chuninda hai,
Mujhe har us pal ke liye afsos hai,
Dil mein bhara aaj bhi apne liye rosh hai,
Par tune baaki saare palon ko apni aamadgi se jeevant kar diya,
Mujhe aur humare pyaar ko sada ke liye anant kar diya,
Tere pyaar mein bhool gaya sab,
Aur kisi cheez ka hosh hi nahi,
Par haan mujhe yaad hai wo sab,
Jo kabhi hua hi nahi.

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Jab bhi in aankhon mein khushi ka aansu aata hai,
Jab bhi yeh dil koi mukam paata hai,
Jab bhi mera sar dard pakad jaata hai,
Jab bhi koi gham dil ko yaad aa jaata hai,
Jab koi safalta mujhe gale lagati hai,
Jab kisi itr ki khusboo mujhe bohot bhaati hai,
Jab prakriti mujhe apne khubsurat rang dikhati hai,
Jab koi nukili cheez mere sharir par ghao kar jaati hai,
Jab der raat neend mujhe satati hai,
Jab thandi hawaein is sharir ko kapati hai,
Har us pal mujhe bas teri hi yaad aati hai,
Khushi ho ya gham, yeh dhadkan tujhe hi bulati hai,
Tujhe ishwar ne mere liye vardaan banaya hai,
Kyuki mere jeevan mein jab bhi aisa koi mod aaya hai,
Maine har us mod par tujhe apne saath khada paaya hai.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Behti Nadi

Kisi vishal parvat se hota hai uska srijan,
Chali hai apni lambi yatra shuru karne, bhigoke apna tan,
Jeevan hai uska srishti ki pyaas bhujana,
Par uski jeevan leela ko hai kitno ne jaana.

Peda hote hi uska sangarsh shuru ho jaata hai,
Path ka har patthar jaise use yudh ke liye lalkarta hai,
Un par vijay prapt kar ke hi aage hi raah savarti hai,
Har jeet ke baad wo apni awaaz se vijay ka udghosh karti hai.

Manav jaati mein wo maa kehlati hai,
Poore jeevan har kadam uski pyaas bujhati hai,
Uske sharir aur aatma ko pavitra karati hai,
Aur ant mein apne pran tyaag kar samudra mein mil jaati hai.

Nadi ne apna har lamha jiya bas tumahre liye,
Wo ladi to bas tumhe savarne ke liye,
Wo kati to bas tumhe ubharne ke liye,
Aur hum jeete reh gaye apna matlab nikalne ke liye.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Aazad Panchi

Panchi rehte hain aakaash ki fizaon mein,
Indradhanush ke saat rang milte hain jahan hawaon mein,
Pankh lehrate paar kar lete hain kai samandar,
Na jaane kis manzil ka raasta khoj rahe hain apne andar.

Koi sarhad ka darwaza unke liye nahi bana hai,
Use paar karna to bas insaanon ke liye mana hai,
Wo nahi humari tarah bani hui sadkon par chalte hain,
Wo to bekhauf nayi disha aur nayi uchaiyon ki aur badhte hain.

Unhe ghar ka moh bhi nahi satata hai,
Jahan ruk jaye udaan, wahi unka naya ghar kehlata hai,
Kabhi nadi ke kinare to kabhi ped ki daal par,
Wo shayad nirbhar rehte hain sirf apne ishwar ki dhaal par.

Kaash insaan bhi pakshi ki tarah soch paye,
Tod de apne saare bandhan aur apni khwahison ki aur kadam badhaye,
Chod ke har moh maya ko, apne bhitar ishwar jagaye,
Aazad ho jaye is duniya se aur apni khushiyon ko pankh lagaye.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Tera Nasha

Nahi samajh paya tere jawabon ko,
Nasha chada hai aaj chalakti sharabon ko,
Pi liya ek jaam to mujhe bhi chad jayegi,
Jo hai khumari tere liye wo aur bhi badh jayegi.

Bohot piye hain jaam tere ishq ke pyale mein,
Nashe mein kar diya khud ko tere hawale mein,
Tune hi har kadam mujhko sambhala hai,
Tu hi mera sarmaya, tu hi rakhwala hai.

Har ghoont sharab ka tera nasha deta hai,
Teri yaad mein tarbatar duba deta hai,
Kaise wapas aaun phir hosh mein,
Aisa hi accha hun teri aaghosh mein.

Sharab ka nasha tujhse bohot kam hai,
Wo to gham ko bas bahar nikaal sakta hai,
Tu hi hai jo us gham ko mita sakta hai,
Aur is zindagi ko sada gulzar rakhta hai.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Mere Khuda

Mere khuda ne aaj keh diya tu akela hai,
Khushi aur gham ka khel tere saath khela hai,
Unchi aawaz mein suna diya usne apna farmaan,
Tod ke le gaya meri rooh aur meri jaan.

Usne kaha har chaal tujhe hi chalni hai,
Yudh ki har chot tujhe hi khalni hai,
Main to raja hun, tujhe kuchal ke aage badh jaunga,
Har katl ka ilzaam tere hawale kar jaunga.

Badh jaana zindagi mein aage aur dhundh lena apna raasta,
Bhool jaana kabhi mujhse tha tumhara koi vaasta,
Maaf karna khuda par main ye nahi maan sakta,
Tere bina main khud ko hi nahi jaan sakta.

Tune diya tha saath isliye aaj yahan khada hun,
Tere sahare se hi itni aage tak bhada hun,
Kar le ek baar phir nazar apni riyasat ke is bande par,
Tanha mat chod ke ja use faasi ke fande par.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Tera Intezar

Yeh raaste kuch veeran ho gaye hain,
Khali kuch makan ho gaye hain,
Hai pasra yahan sirf ghana andhera,
Pehchanna mushkil hai, kaun hai kamzarf, kaun hai mera.

Mere aangan mein bas dhoop ka hi saya tha,
Andhera aisa pehle kabhi chaya na tha,
Ujle the din aur raat jis chaman mein,
Poore huye the main aur tum usi aman mein.

Ped ki shaakhein tere saath geet gaati thi,
Paani ki boondein teri sarsarahat se bheeg jaati thi,
Teri payal ki chan chan sugam sangeet banati thi,
Chand ki chandni bhi tera aashish le kar aati thi.

Intezar hai in sadkon ko teri aamad ka,
Andhere ki aane wali shamat ka,
Tere aane ka ehsaas mere saath hi hai,
Dekh le mera chehra, teri muskurahat mere saath hi hai.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tujhe Chua Hai

Aaj tujhe Jo chue hawa, wo main hi hun,
Teri rooh ko kapade, wo thandi fiza main hi hun,
Tujh mein ghul kar ho jaata hun main garm,
Teri har aahat, har saans hi karti hai mujhe narm.

Jo chuta hai tujhe ped se gira ek safed pankh, wo main hi hun,
Apne murshid se toota tera hone ke liye,
Sharir se dil ka safar poora karne ke liye,
Tujhe chu kar, ab main taiyar hun kisi bhi per ke neeche kuchalne ke liye.

Jo chuta hai tujhe paani, wo main hi hun,
Ek boond hi sahi, tujh par rehne ko tarasta main hi hun,
Jitna tujhe hai, usse zyada darr mujhe tere na hone ka satata hai,
Apne labon se laga kar, tu apni nahi, meri pyaas bujhata hai.

Tere sar ko aaram deta sirhana main hi hun,
Maine hi tere khilte huye chehre ko apne andar samaya hai,
Tere saare aansuon ko tujh se lag kar mitaya hai,
Tere saare haseen khwabon ko teri rooh tak pohochaya hai,
Tere saath hone ka rishta, mujhse behtar kisne nibhaya hai.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Meri Zindagi

Tere aane se Maine jaana, 
Pyaar lafs, hota hai kitna suhana,
Tera naam sun ke khil uthta hai mera chehra,
Shaam bhi apna sar jhuka ke bana deti hai sehra.

Is zindagi ki aayat tu hi hai,
Jab bhi bhatka main to raah dikha gayi,
Jab chua to lamha yaadgaar bana gayi,
Aur jab haath mein liya to mujhe bhi aayat bana gayi.

Ye nazren tujhe hi dhundhti hai har kahin,
Chahti hain deedar aur koi nahi,
Hun main bhi yahin, ho tum bhi yahin,
Ab Tum hi batao, yeh hai sitam ya hai Sahi.

Tera Saath hi to mera rutba hai,
Tujhse hi to aata mera har jazba hai,
Main tere bin Hun Kya, Meri koi aukaat nahi,
Main tere saath hi raha bas, aur Meri koi yaddasht nahi.