Monday, 27 February 2017

Life In The Sky

Life is the sky we all see above,
Glazing with sunlight when it's hay,
And deep darkness around when there is nothing to say.
We all become stars as they say,
Where do we go then when there is day?
Is there some office we need to attend,
Or is it being invisible, that we ought to pretend.
Lightening for us is then like an earthquake,
Which shudders the sky and creates a ruckus,
Or are they the glitters of joy that define success,
Rainbow is like unfurling of the sky's flag,
Swaying freely in the wind and diminishing like a king,
Clouds are the different states that divide the sky,
Silently moving when there is peace but thundering when politics is on a high,
Life on the sky is not an imagination of a minute,
It is the idea of philosophers who have said that sky is the limit.