Thursday, 11 June 2015

What Is Love?

An emotion that struck a cord with my heart,
Someone tells me its called love.

What is this love?
Who gave birth to it?
From where did it emerge?
If we created it, then why can't we end it?
Why is it like a sea that can never dry up?

A feeling that strikes without any prior notice,
Engulfs your heart with someone else's thoughts,
Creating an atmosphere totally unfamiliar.

Nobody knows till then, such a world also exists,
Where the stars come down to brighten just your sky,
Where the moon waits, till you don't say good bye,
Where the sun sets just to soar your temperature high,
Where everything beautiful in this world, can be seen in somebody's eye.

Two unknown individuals then become soulmates,
Crossing each hurdle and boundary,
Ready to go through any test of pain,
Not thinking of any other profit or gain,
Because the world, other than their own world, is for them of no vain.

This journey was made on a feeling called love,
An emotion, shining among all emotions, way above,
Separating the good from the bad,
The compassionate from the heartless,
Life without love, if one could imagine,
Would truly be artless.