Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Silent Words

Silence stands strong today compressing a thousand words,
Words which have been lost,
Words which have faded,
Words which have run down a steep slope,
Words that just you and me understood.
They could replace stress with smile after a hard day,
Put a pause to tears in a second,
Were enough to evoke fire without any action.
Words of love can never die,
Specially those that found a tongue,
They safely lie amidst the deep corners in the heart of the listener,
Grow and flourish each time they hit the mind,
Build beautiful bridges running over each hurdle,
But now with two souls trapped under,
They lie scattered like a debris,
Separated from their owners,
Without any entity, meaning or heart.
The words that I pen,
Are nowhere similar to those,
But I guess, the purpose is the same.