Friday, 24 July 2015

Story of words

Some words that were left unsaid,
Have returned today to tell their story.

When you were not here,
They were left sulking over your absence,
Because they believed you to be their true soulmate,
With whom they could talk endlessly,
Without thinking of a meaning or justification,
Without being judged or questioned,
They came from the heart and created magic,
Acting as the true messengers of love,
Returning to their owner, a universe of love, warmth and happiness.

When they were left alone,
They wandered in search of your presence,
And found you somewhere hidden in their master,
Reluctant to speak, you wished to create silence,
But my words would never let their enemy conquer.

Cuddling you in their thoughts, they made you speak again,
They talked and you replied,
You asked and they answered,
All this was happening in a single body,
A body that now had two souls,
You and me were united yet again.