Saturday, 15 August 2015


My phone kept at a distance, rings an alarm,
Getting up from the couch, I put it off,
And wake up similarly each morning before dawn.
Gazing at the sky I see,
The moon prepares to wind up after a long show,
With the sparkling stars gathered as audiences,
Looking mesmerized by the glowing beauty of the moon.

They go to sleep now as the world awakes,
Making way for the sun to rule its realm,
The newspaper vendors start aiming at the houses again,
As chickens wake up those sleeping without an alarm,
Couples break their hug with a good morning kiss,
Children blinking and rubbing their eyes, believing unfortunately for them that its morning,
The elderly get ready to spend sometime with the Almighty.

Everybody does their morning rituals,
Like a robot being given specific commands,
None gazing at the sky to find the lost moon,
None worried about the white bulbs or stars of the universe,
Or anyone being grateful to the sun for being so punctual effortlessly.

We forget that its us who follow them, not they,
A change in their schedule marks a change in ours too,
The soothing light of the moon only makes things appear more beautiful that ever,
Our bond with the sun teaches a new lesson each day.
And all they demand in return is some gratitude.

The moon has started its show again for its gleaming audience,
As I keep the phone at a distance and take the couch,
To wake up for the opponent's show,
And to experience, live and thank the twilight yet again.