Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sea Without Waves

Love can never be defined,
But for me you gave it a meaning.
The life I lead without you,
Is like a sea without waves,
The water just doesn't want to reach the shore,
Laying dead and still in its place,
Just wishes to find a place, much below the deep sea base.
The rain also arrives anytime,
Feels like bullets piercing through the spine,
Increasing my level, which I want to descend,
It was just you that I wanted to grow in me,
And if it is not you,
I request the sun to shine strong and prepare some dew.
There is acute silence all around,
Some big ships come and slit me up, and carry forward their journey outbound.
I live for the fact that I have so much within,
But I also bear all the stones thrown at me,
One hit my heart and it broke,
From that day, within myself i choke.
This is just the beginning part,
I'll write till I empty my heart.