Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Baseless Business

Love can never be defined,
But for me you gave it a meaning.
I work all day to earn,
But it is just for you that I yearn.
The twelve hours of work give me no pleasure,
Feels like digging out coal from the mines like a sledger,
With intense grief in my heart that nobody can measure,
Left with no greed to find any precious metal or treasure.
I don't like the process anymore nor the money,
Like the bee who doesn't have an intention to extract honey.
I get no enthusiasm in signing a new deal,
God gave me this life just for you I feel,
No amount of money can ever make my heartache heal.
For whom should I earn or save the cash,
When you'll never be mine, till I turn ash,
In school I had decided, your name would be written, after mine in the dash.
The office doesn't seem to be my world anymore,
More than the papers, my eyes all the time stare the floor,
My body hurts all day, from heart to core,
But gathering and binding myself up, waiting for you, I stand firmly at the fore.
This is just the beginning part,
I'll write till I empty my heart.