Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tears Of Absence

Love can never be defined,
But for me you gave it a meaning.
The tears to me that your absence brings,
When the stupid heart in my body shrinks,
The moments spent with you I surpass,
Now lie scattered all around, like a broken vase.
The tears come and go all day,
The nights have even less to say.
The darkness of the sky slits my soul,
I never liked anything dark, except your mole.
Only your presence could have made the nights brighter,
But now what I possess are the tears of absence and a cigarette lighter.
The tears bring me to a path of solitude,
What exists here is only pain and grief,
The path leads to no destination,
Only thing that could get me out was your fascination,
But you are nowhere here to be seen,
As I become what I have never been.
This is just the beginning part,
I'll write till I empty my heart.