Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tribute To Nepal

The mountaineer was on its verge to reach the next camp,
The children were waiting for Sunday to play on the ramp,
Suddenly, someone at home heard the shudder of the shaking lamp.
Something is wrong, they thought,
Fears and shivers in them, the tremble brought,
Hiding and waiting for the earth to stand still, they fought.
Mother nature today, had not shown any graces,
There were heaps of debris and dust, and a thousand crying faces,
The country which was known for its beauty, right now has no such places.
A family vacation had ended with a freak,
Apart from snow, there were now bodies lying on the peak,
Under the wreckage are thousands more, who can now never sneak,
What we also lost were the four legged beauties, who could never speak.
Its our time to help them stand again,
Provide them with love, shelter, medicines and grain,
Make them comfortable even in utmost pain,
Till their lives start to blossom, clearing away the ruined plain.
The Gorkhas will stand strong again, like its longest peak,
Welcoming the world to their motherland, beautiful and sleek.