Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Javed Akhtar

An individual of not some but many words,
Who took out arrows from his quiver,
Brought out the lava from his heart,
Like an ocean would give out pearls from its womb.
You questioned the world about the basic elements,
And later answered with utmost poise.
Made the nature even more heavenly,
Showed the path of hope to the fallen,
The track of reality to the lover,
The real passage of a teardrop,
The actual journey of a pawn.
The sun could have given more light,
The tree more shade,
The cloud more rain,
But all that you have given us in this life sir,
We could not have asked for more, no matter how greedy we were.
Always raising your voice for the correct,
You stood fearlessly for the fearless,
Never did you take a foot back,
Still filled with zeal, going rock strong on the same track.
Your words are nothing but your real name,
Through which you rule a billion hearts,
Becoming an individual, larger than any frame.