Saturday, 2 May 2015

Broken Halves

I have been broken into two parts,
And these halves cannot do anything by themselves.
If one is watch, the other is its hands,
If one is fish, the other is water,
If one is life, the other is love.
They thought they were one from inception till eternity,
But now the rich days have gone, and what exist are the days of poverty.
The heart has not been fed with love,
The body is dirty without a shower of touch,
The eyes have gone dark waiting for the beloved treasure.
The two parts still crave to be one,
Like the uphill and downhill water of a waterfall,
Ready to dive from any heights,
Ready to bear all the pain and agony,
Just to blend in each other so deep,
Just to be one so similar,
That nobody can ever differentiate,
Which was the one part,
Which was the other part.