Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Life Answers

To life today I write,
A glimpse of the ordeal I fight,
Nested in the woods or lamented in the dark,
Stuck in the traffic or walking in the park,
Feeding your pet dog or bitten by the shark,
Life refuses to answer where I stand or have fallen before the mark.

Have an abundance, life says to me, but only of one,
Take love or take wealth, or both I shun.
Happiness comes with both, but of different sorts,
And an excess want of any, may find you reeling in the courts.

Life is an entangled mystery say most,
But life replies, its as easy as the sea and the coast,
Its your choice to lay peacefully and relax on the coast,
Or take your surfboard into the sea and make life your host.

Its always easy being on the coast watching the surfers fail,
But they forget unknowingly that only do the surfers sail.