Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tears Of Joy

When a mother holds her baby for the first time,
When the mountaineer finishes his climb,
When you see your beloved after a long while,
When you receive your first job's appointment file,
When a lover proposes for marriage,
When you are amazed by a disabled man's courage,
When you achieve your life's biggest success,
A tear rolls down your eyes,
It's the joy of the soul touching the skies,
A fountain of feeling finds its way through the heart,
From the heart towards the eyes it takes a start,
The face has a wide grin in its anticipation,
The eyes gleam to enlighten the situation,
The feelings finally arrive engulfed in a tear,
The smile accompanies it like the most perfect pair,
It is this alliance for which the heart yearns,
And the feeling of love with which it always returns.