Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Vows Of The Heart

When the flight of life hits a turbulent cloud,
When the feeling of lonliness strikes in a crowd,
When the longings of the heart shout out loud,
We need to look back at the promises we vowed.
The commitments we made from our heart,
The words that came out without the mind taking a part,
Be it with ourselves or to someone beloved,
Are the only words that can take you back above.
The statement which comes from the soul,
Is what always defines your true role,
It is the calling of the universe,
Which will always take you out of the worse.
Take a back seat and remember those vows,
Recollect all those words and be delighted by the confidence they arouse,
A radiant life is lived by following the voice of the heart,
Because it is the heart, not the mind, which is the soul of every art.