Sunday, 22 January 2017

You And Me

When I embrace you in my arms,
You and me are shielded from all harms,
The world stops to view the spectacle of fusion,
What may seem deceptive to others is no illusion,
Our closed eyes live the moment within,
And from the subconscious comes to our face, a wide grin,
The rush of love brings goosebumps on the skin,
The body certifying that this person is a kin,
The hands resist to leave the fold,
Eyes now open are glittering like gold,
We look into each other with profound amazement,
Our hearts have now found a home, which were till now vagrant,
I drop a sweet breath on your neck,
And present your pink cheeks a cute peck,
Swiftly you grasp me in your serenity,
As you and me start the voyage to our new identity.